The Economics of Internet Search

  title={The Economics of Internet Search},
  author={Hal R. Varian},
This lecture provides an introduction to the economics of Internet search engines. After a brief review of the historical development of the technology and the industry, I describe some of the economic features of the auction system used for displaying ads. It turns out that some relatively simple economic models provide significant insight into the operation of these auctions. In particular, the classical theory of two-sided matching markets turns out to be very useful in this context. 
Online ad auctions: An experiment
A human subject laboratory experiment compares the real-time market performance of the two most popular auction formats for online ad space, Vickrey- Clarke-Groves (VCG) and Generalized Second Price
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A novel budget allocation optimization model with multiple search advertising markets and a finite time horizon is developed and the identified properties derived from the solution process illuminate critical managerial insights for advertisers in sponsored search.
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ABSTRACT In the literature, search engines are considered as effective tools for obtaining information. However, little attention has been paid to the effect of search engines on international trade
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The most important issues in auction design are the traditional concerns of competition policy - preventing collusive, predatory, and entry-deterring behaviour. Ascending and uniform-price auctions
Price Cycles in Online Advertising Auctions
It is found that in such a dynamic environment, bidders’ bidding strategies follow a cyclical pattern similar to that conjectured by Edgeworth (1925) in a totally different context and an empirical framework based on maximum likelihood estimation of latent Markov state switching is proposed to confirm the theory.
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Search engines make a profit by auctioning off advertisement positions through keyword auctions. I examine the strategies taken by the advertisers. In a theoretical model, it is shown that the
Elicitation of Honest Preferences for the Assignment of Individuals to Positions
  • H. Leonard
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1983
The problem of eliciting honest preferences from individuals who must be assigned to a set of positions is considered. Individuals know that they will be charged for the positions to which they are
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The main result is that a generalization of the well-known Vickrey-Clarke-Groves mechanism maximizes the planner's "revenue'' among all efficient mechanisms, which serves to unify many results in mechansim design theory.
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It is by now incontrovertible that increases in per capita income cannot be explained simply by increases in the capital-labor ratio. Though doubtless no economist would ever have denied the role of
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Any business seriously interested in improving its rankings in the major search engines can benefit from the clear examples, sample code, and list of resources provided.
Information retrieval had its schoolboy phase of research in the 1950s and early 1960s; it then struggled for adoption in the 1970s but has reached acceptance as free-text search systems are used routinely and the tension between statistical and intellectual content analysis seemed to be moving towards purelyg statistical methods.
Full Text Retrieval based on Probalistic Equations with Coefficients fitted by Logistic Regression
The experiments described here ara part of research program whose objective is to develop a full text retrieval methodology that is statistically sound and powerful, yet reasonably simple. The