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The Economics of Adaptive Reuse of Old Buildings: A Financial Feasibility Study & Analysis

  title={The Economics of Adaptive Reuse of Old Buildings: A Financial Feasibility Study \& Analysis},
  author={Nart Stas},
Economic and Energy Impacts of Adaptive Reuse Building Construction
Reconstruction or Reuse? How Real Estate Values and Planning Choices Impact Urban Redevelopment
Local administrators and private investors rely on various urban redevelopment strategies, the choice of which depends on the economic expectations of property owners and investors. Some of these
Assessment of Existing Slender Masonry Walls beyond the Scope of the EN 1996 Norm: Numerically Based Analytical Solution to determine the Capacity under combined Vertical and Lateral Loading
In the last decade, maintenance and adaptive reuse, of the existing building stock, have gained ground in the construction sector. For the adaptive reuse of a building, it is required to analyze,
Design for Sustainability and Innovation: A Kansei Engineering Evaluation of the Adaptive Reuse of Old Buildings
  • Dan Shao, Y. Nagai, R. Sosa
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design
  • 2019
The aim of our study was to use Kansei Engineering Evaluation to examine the renewal of old buildings with sustainability and innovation by comparing to new buildings. First, we conducted a
Sand and Sustainability: Finding new solutions for environmental governance of global sand resources
Sand and gravels are the unrecognised foundational material of our economies. They are mined the world over, with aggregates accounting for the largest volume of solid material extracted globally
The Attitude of the Local Community to the Impact of Building Reuse: Three Cases in an Old Neighborhood of Tehran
ABSTRACT In the early 2000s, a wave of restoration and reuse of historic buildings began in some of Iran’s tourist cities. The aim of these reuse projects, performed by both the private and public
Spatial and Functional Transformation of UCTAE Chamber of Architects of Turkey, Aksaray Office Building (Historical İbrahim Kaya Mansion)
The aim of this study is to examine Ibrahim Kaya Mansion, nearby Uluirmak located in the historic urban texture of Aksaray, by means of spatial and functional renovation and to define the
Placing Color: Architectural Color & Facade Improvement Programs in Commercial Corridor Revitalization in Philadelphia
Exterior changes to existing and historic buildings in depressed historic areas signify financial investment and change, and have the potential to play a significant role in both urban preservation


Historic Preservation Projects can be Green
  • Article published online: http://www.djc.com/news/en/11177209.html
  • 2006
The Economics of Rehabilitation
The Shape of the City: Toronto Struggles with Modern Planning
Critics have long voiced concerns about the wisdom of living in cities and the effects of city life on physical and mental health. For a century, planners have tried to meet these issues. John Sewell
Some Realities about Sprawl and Urban Decline
Abstract Many urban analysts believe suburban sprawl has become an important issue because it helps generate two types of problems: growth‐related difficulties like rising traffic congestion, and
Contaminated sites: the Canadian situation in an international context.
  • C. D. De Sousa
  • Political Science
    Journal of environmental management
  • 2001
It is argued that the contaminated site-related policies and programs employed to overcome each obstacle, both within Canada and internationally, are converging in style and content as governments are becoming more aware of the types of costs and risks they must share in order to solve the problem effectively.
The Revitalization of Vacant Properties: Where Broken Windows Meet Smart Growth
  • International City/County Management Association.
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Exploring Growth Management Roles in Ontario: Learning from “Who Does What”Elsewere
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Ethics of Adaptive Reuse
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Economics and Historic Preservation: A Guide and Review of the Literature
  • A Discussion Paper Prepared for the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, Washington D.C.: Brookings Institution.
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