The Economic Implications of Learning by Doing

  title={The Economic Implications of Learning by Doing},
  author={Kenneth J. Arrow},
  journal={The Review of Economic Studies},
  • K. Arrow
  • Published 1 June 1962
  • Economics
  • The Review of Economic Studies
It is by now incontrovertible that increases in per capita income cannot be explained simply by increases in the capital-labor ratio. Though doubtless no economist would ever have denied the role of technological change in economic growth, its overwhelming importance relative to capital formation has perhaps only been fully realized with the important empirical studies of Abramovitz [1] and Solow [l 1]. These results do not directly contradict the neo-classical view of the production function… 

Variable Returns to Scale, Resources and Population

Economics has been called the dismal science, but accounts of contemporary (endogenous) theories of growth leave the strong impression that rather than being the bearers of bad news, the authors

Optimum Investment in Human Capital 12

Recent empirical studies (Schultz [8] and [9]) show that an accumulation of knowledge contributes much more to the growth of per capita income than does an increase in the capital-labour ratio. Major

A Theory ofthe Learning Process

A new theory of the learning process is proposed, based on the assumption that learning resembles a search programme using the branch and bound algorithm. Examples from diverse fields are given, and

Why the data tell us nothing about the importance of increasing returns to scale and externalities to capital

It has long been known that, because of aggregation problems and the Cambridge Capital Theory Controversies, the aggregate production function cannot theoretically exist. Nevertheless, the concept is

Is Learning a Wonder Weapon of Endogenous Economic Growth?

This essay attempts to refute the practicality of the main policy propositions of the book by Joseph Stiglitz and Bruce Greenwald (S&G) entitled Creating a Learning Society. More specifically, it

Economies of Scale and Constant Returns to Capital: A Neglected Early Contribution to the Theory of Economic Growth

An important strand of the growth literature of the last decade or so is the assumption that factors which can be accumulated indefinitely may have marginal returns which do not fall to zero for

Why the Data Tell Us Nothing about Returns to Scale and Externalities to Capital

It has long been shown that, because of the aggregation problem and the Cambridge Capital Theory Controversies, the aggregate production function cannot theoretically exist. Nevertheless, the concept

Cumulative Causation and the “New” Theories of Economic Growth

There is increasing recognition that the stylized facts of economic growth and development may be at odds with the predictions of traditional economic theory. One significant area concerns the

The Optimal Depletion of Exhaustible Resources

0.1. In any given economy there must be a number of commodities that enter into production and which are used up, and whose available stock cannot be increased. Examples like fossil fuels come

Productivity, Investment in Infrastructure and Population Size: Formalizing the Theory of Ester Boserup

The popular hypothesis of increasing Retums in the new growth theory has an implication which has been inevitably related to population. The assumption of ‘learning by doing’, almost by definition,



Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth

A Theoretical model consists of certain hypotheses concerning the causal inter-relationship between various magnitudes or forces and the sequence in which they react on each other. We all agree that

Rational Expectations and the Theory of Price Movements

In order to explain fairly simply how expectations are formed, we advance the hypothesis that they are essentially the same as the predictions of the relevant economic theory. In particular, the

Resources and Output Trends in the United States since 1870.

Introduction This paper is a very brief treatment of three questions relating to the history of our economic growth since the Civil War: (1) How large has been the net increase of aggregate output


Mosti growth models are based either on the assumption of fixed production coefficients for labour and capital or on the assumption of substitutability between factors. The present paper proposes a


This article studies the implications of complementarity on the problem of the long-term forecast. The conditions for maintaining long-run equilibrium between factor demand and factor supply are

Factors affecting the cost of airplanes

The matter became of increasing interest and importance because of the program sponsored by the Bureau of Air Commerce for the development of a small two-place airplane which, it was hoped, could be marketed at $700 assuming a quantity of ten thousand units could be released for construction.

Capital-labor substitution and economic efficiency

Обсуждаются следующие темы: чистая теория производства, функциональное распределение дохода, технический прогресс, источники международных конкурентных преимуществ. Анализируются эластичность


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Firm Progress Ratios