The Economic Impact of the Coal Boom and Bust

  title={The Economic Impact of the Coal Boom and Bust},
  author={Dan A. Black and Terra McKinnish and Seth Sanders},
  journal={Agricultural \& Natural Resource Economics},
In this paper, we examine the impact of the coal boom in the 1970s and the subsequent coal bust in the 1980s on local labour markets in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. We address two main questions in our analysis. How were non-mining sectors affected by the shocks to the mining sector? How did these effects differ between sectors producing local goods and those producing traded goods? We find evidence of modest employment spillovers into sectors with locally traded goods but… 

Dutch Disease and the Oil Boom and Bust

  • Brock Smith
  • Economics
    Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d'économique
  • 2019
This paper examines the impact of the oil price boom in the 1970s and the subsequent bust on non-oil economic activity in oil-dependent countries. During the boom, manufacturing exports and value

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Quite often, policy changes that are seen as welfare-improving at the national level encounter significant resistance in localities where the policies are implemented. Defense spending cuts and

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The Alaskan Labor Market during the Pipeline Era

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The Impact of Economic Conditions on Participation in Disability Programs: Evidence from the Coal Boom and Bust.

These shocks provide clear evidence that as the value of labor-market participation increases, disability program participation falls, and the relationship between economic conditions and program participation is much stronger for permanent than for transitory economic shocks.

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Local Labor Markets

  • R. Topel
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1986
This paper studies the processes of wage and employment dynamics within local labor markets. The theoretical context is a dynamic spatial equilibrium among locales that is supported by incentives to