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The Economic Foundations of Contemporary Slavery

  title={The Economic Foundations of Contemporary Slavery},
  author={Contemporary Slavery and J C Guay},
“Slavery existed before money or law” (Hochschild 2005). Indeed the “peculiar institution” is one of humanity’s oldest. It has, however, evolved and manifested itself quite distinctly in different periods of history. In contrast to historical views of slavery that are associated with Chattel Slavery, numerous forms fall under the umbrella term of contemporary slavery. The United Nations (U.N.) Working Group recognizes such radically new forms as: child labor, children in conflict, trafficking… 
Discriminação racial: um legado da escravidão?
A escravidão é um dos fenómenos que induziu a discriminação racial aos negros. Durante a escravidão o negro era propriedade de outra pessoa e ocupava a mais baixa posição social. Aliás, mesmo com o


Modern slavery.
Labour supply chains have a propensity to become complex which may allow forced labour to thrive, and some companies with significant presence in the UK rely on people working in slavery to produce the goods they sell.
The Anti-Slavery Project: Linking the Historical and Contemporary
This article explores the relationship between the historical events surrounding the legal abolition of slavery, and the widespread and often longstanding practices that fall under the rubric of
The New Global Slave Trade
WHEN MOST people think about slaveryif they think about it at all-they probably assume that it was eliminated during the nineteenth century. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Slavery and the
Antebellum Southern Political Economists and the Problem of Slavery
This article seeks to contextualize the political economists of the antebellum South. The article analyzes them both as members of a transatlantic set of economic thinkers and as southern defenders
Slavery at Different Times and Places
THE TITLE OF THE SESSION at which these papers were originally presented, "Looking at Slavery from Broader Perspectives," can refer to at least three different issues. First, slavery has been one of
Slavery in the Twentieth Century: The Evolution of a Global Problem
The Anti-Slavery Campaign in the Twentieth Century is a cataloguing of the activities of the United Nations Slavery Commmittee in the period 1966-1974 and its aftermath.
Children in crisis.
This book is for children in crisis to read and one to remember is not only the PDF, but also the genre of the book, which will influence how the book finished or not.
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