The Economic Development of the Order of Calatrava, 1158-1366

  title={The Economic Development of the Order of Calatrava, 1158-1366},
  author={Clara Estow},
  pages={267 - 291}
In 1158, Raymundo, abbot of the Navarrese monastery of Fitero, responded to the pleas of the Castilian monarch Sancho III and pledged his assistance and that of a handful of brethren to defend the village and fortress of Calatrava recently abandoned by the knights of the Temple from an expected Moslem attack.1 The vulnerability and importance of this strategic site on the Guadiana River had prompted Sancho to offer attractive rewards to those willing to defend it.2 Although the feared offensive… 
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127 This ruling came in 1342

    The knights based those percentages on a grant made by Fernando IV in 1303

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          In 1243 Calatrava negotiated an agreement with the knights of Santiago whereby each party agreed to open its pastures to the other's livestock, free of charge

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