The Economic Development of France and Germany, 1815 to 1914.

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  • Economics
  • Journal of the Royal Statistical Society

Comparison of the HYDE cropland data over the past millennium with regional historical evidence from Germany

Historical land cover data are the basis of quantifying the environmental effects of land use and land cover change (LUCC), and a lower deviation is expected when they are used to study the carbon

The Importance of Being Central

Abstract The density of the railway network increased in all European states during the period of 1850–1920, but not with the same pattern. Historical data reveal that countries located at the

On the Interplay of Ownership Patterns, Biodiversity, and Conservation in Past and Present Temperate Forest Landscapes of Europe and North America

Ownership patterns and the associated management characteristics are related to forest structures, biodiversity patterns, and their conservation worldwide. A literature review on this topic is

Government and economics: An emerging field of study

What Next for the Political Economy of Development in Africa? Facing Up to the Challenge of Economic Transformation

  • D. Booth
  • Economics
    Journal of Applied Business and Economics
  • 2021

Brexit, Trump and trade: Back to a late 19th century future?

There are striking similarities between today’s early 21st century trade political economy and its late 19th century equivalent. Ascendant populist nationalism, escalating trade protectionism and

The course and character of late-Victorian British exports

In this dissertation, I examine the inter-temporal variation (course) and the composition (character) of late-Victorian British exports. The first substantive chapter focuses specifically on