The Economic Crisis of 1827–32 and the 1830 Revolution in Provincial France

  title={The Economic Crisis of 1827–32 and the 1830 Revolution in Provincial France},
  author={Pamela M. Pilbeam},
  journal={The Historical Journal},
  pages={319 - 338}
  • P. Pilbeam
  • Published 1 June 1989
  • History, Economics
  • The Historical Journal
A spectre is still haunting historians of nineteenth-century France, the spectre of the bourgeois revolution of 1830, surviving despite the exorcism of revisionists. It is a spector that distorts our image of the liberal opposition to Charles X and of the victors after the July Days. Restoration prefects, moved from department to department with increasing rapidity in Charles X's reign, were content to categorize critics of the Polignac government as bourgeois. In the July Monarchy socialists… 
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