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The Eclectic Method-Theory and Its Application to the Learning of English Chinta

  title={The Eclectic Method-Theory and Its Application to the Learning of English Chinta},
  author={Praveen Kumar},
The purpose of this paper is to take a new look at an old question: the relationship between spoken language teaching practice and the process of learning language effectively. The general way to approach this is to discuss some research results first, talk about existing methods next, and then their implications. Significant part of this paper is, in fact, devoted to summarizing the current state of rural area people learning language skills, as I perceive it, I would like to draw some… 


How the use of various approaches, theories and models used in the English language classroom in Ecuador can create an environment that intrinsically allows the learner to be more comfortable, learn faster, and gain more out of a class in a shorter amount of time is looked at.

Principled Eclecticism: Approach and Application in Teaching Writing to ESL/EFL Students

The principal purpose of this paper is to critically examine and evaluate the efficacy of the principled eclectic approach to teaching English as second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) writing to

Teachers' Attitude to Communicative Language Teaching in Uzbekistan

Growing of the status of methodology of FLT both in western countries and Uzbekistan has been seen for the last time because of a changing educational paradigm. This article focuses on a discussion

Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing: Improving Four English Language Skills through the Eclectic Approach of International Educators in Japan

This paper elaborates on the language teaching experiences of four international educators working in Japan. With diverse nationalities and backgrounds, and as language learners themselves, these

Enhancing EFL learners’ English Proficiency and Intelligence by implementing The Eclectic Method of Language Teaching

This paper enlightens the significance of learner-centered approaches to language teaching. In an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) class, a teacher should adopt a specific teaching style to


In insights regarding the principled eclectic approach in the teaching field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), an effective program of ESP should meet the needs of the learners who learn language concerning to specific profession, subject or purpose.

An Analysis of Teachers‟ Classroom Application of the Eclectic Method to English Language Teaching in Multilingual Zambia

The Eclectic Method is the recommended method for teaching English as a second language in Multilingual Zambia. This implies that teachers need to posses the required competencies and skills to apply

Teachers’ Understanding and Attitudes towards the Eclectic Method to Language Teaching in Zambia. J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 7(1): 01-15.;

Zambia is a multilingual country and it is estimated that it has 73 dialects which can be collapsed into between 30 to 45 languages. English is the only officially sanctioned language for

The Implementation of Eclectic Methods in Arabic Learning Based on All in One System Approach

This research provided a new model to implementation the methods, specifically eclectic method and their connection with Arabic language skills and the use of an eclectic method based on all in one system approach (integrated approach) which can facilitate Arabic language teaching.

The Eclectic Approach as a Therapy for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to the Arab Students

The purpose of this study is to examine the Eclectic Approach as a Therapy for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to the Arab Students. The present study is a experimental method which involves



Defining and Describing Whole Language

  • D. Watson
  • Education
    The Elementary School Journal
  • 1989
On February 18, 1989, the constitution of the Whole Language Umbrella, a confederation of whole-language support groups and individuals, was ratified in Winnipeg. This international organization is

The Blind Watchmaker

A brilliant and controversial book which demonstrates that evolution by natural selection is the only answer to the biggest question of all: why do the authors exist.

Experience-related reading for school beginners

  • Elementary English
  • 1965