The East Asian Challenge for Human Rights

  title={The East Asian Challenge for Human Rights},
  author={Joanne R. Bauer and Daniel A. Bell},
Preface Part I: 1. Introduction Part II. Critical Perspectives on the 'Asian Values' Debate: 2. A post-Orientalist defense of liberal democracy for Asia Tatsuo Inoue 3. Human rights and Asian values Jack Donnelly 4. Human rights and economic achievements Amartya Sen Part III. Toward a More Inclusive International Regime: 5. Towards an intercivilizational approach to human rights Yasuaki Onuma 6. Conditions of an unforced consensus on human rights Charles Taylor Part IV. Culture and Human Rights… 
Making sense of human rights policy on China
Since the 1980s, human rights have become a major issue in international politics and the human rights debate has intensified between Western and Asian countries. Many Asian countries refuse to
Asian or Human Values: A Never-Ending Dispute
The debate as regards the universality of Human Rights is continuing in the dialogue between the East and the West and has scratched, somehow, the merit of relations between the world chief
Human Rights, China, and Cross-cultural Inquiry: Philosophy, History, and Power Politics
In "Human Rights and Chinese Thought: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry," Stephen Angle considers the claims that countries have different concepts of human rights, and that we ought not demand that countries
Lee Kuan Yew and the “Asian values” debate
The "Asian values" debate sprang fully formed onto the international stage in the early 1990s—or so it seems from the mountain of literature on the subject. According to conventional wisdom, Lee Kuan
A neo-communitarian approach on human rights as a cosmopolitan imperative in East Asia
In my view, human rights must find an appropriate philosophical foundation/justification to be incorporated into non-Western societies and such a foundation/justification must be attractive and
Islam and Human Rights:The Search for an Overlapping Consensus
This dissertation begins by emphasizing a distinction between demands of justice and requirements of human rights. In order to clarify this distinction, I explain two predominant views on human
Forging A Global Culture of Human Rights: Origins and Prospects of the International Bill of Rights
Although the concept of human rights has advanced since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, the universal applicability of its content has been
Haven under erasure?: Hong Kong, global Asia and human rights
Abstract Discussions of Hong Kong's human rights situation tend to focus on the ex-colony's struggle to protect civil and political rights against the encroachment of the Chinese state. Without
National Human Rights Commissions and Asian Human Rights Norms
Ever since the beginning of the “Asian Values” debate in the early 1990s, there have been efforts on the part of many societal actors to establish distinctively Asian human rights norms that
The Liberal Project and Human Rights: The Theory and Practice of a New World Order
Introduction Part I. Liberal Beginnings: 1. The contextual origin of liberal thought and practice 2. The Westphalian society of sovereign states 3. The growth of liberal universalism Part II. UN