The East Asian Challenge for Democracy: Political Meritocracy In Comparative Perspective

  title={The East Asian Challenge for Democracy: Political Meritocracy In Comparative Perspective},
  author={Daniel A. Bell and Chenyang Li},
Part I. The Theory of Political Meritocracy: 1. Political meritocracy and meritorious rule: a Confucian perspective Joseph Chan 2. A Confucian version of hybrid regime: how does it work and why is it superior? Tongdong Bai 3. Confucian meritocracy for contemporary China Ruiping Fan 4. The liberal critique of democracy John Skorupski 5. Meritocratic representation Philip Pettit Part II. The History of Political Meritocracy: 6. Between merit and pedigree: evolution of the concept of 'elevating… 
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Influenced by the example of China, a literature is emerging that advocates a modernized version of Confucian meritocracy, often as an alternative to liberal democracy and even democracy itself. We
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Pragmatic Confucian Democracy: Rethinking the Value of Democracy in East Asia
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In contemporary Confucian political theory, there is surprisingly little effort among the theorists to illuminate the value of democracy. When they do on rare occasions, their focus is largely on
Confucian Democracy in East Asia: Theory and Practice
Part I. Beyond Thick Confucian Communitarianism and Meritocratic Elitism: 1. The Confucian social self and its discontent 2. Toward civil Confucianism 3. Against meritocratic elitism Part II. A