The Earth's plasma sheet as a laboratory for flow turbulence in high-β MHD

  title={The Earth's plasma sheet as a laboratory for flow turbulence in high-$\beta$ MHD},
  author={J. Borovsky and R. Elphic and H. Funsten and M. Thomsen},
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The bulk flows and magnetic-field fluctuations of the plasma sheet are investigated using single-point measurements from the ISEE-2 Fast Plasma Experiment and fluxgate magnetometer. Ten several-hour-long intervals of continuous data (with 3 s and 12 s time resolution) are analysed. The plasma-sheet flow appears to be strongly ‘turbulent’ (i.e. the flow is dominated by fluctuations that are unpredictable, with rms velocities[Gt ]mean velocities and with field fluctuations≈mean fields). The… Expand
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