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The Earth's oscillating electric field (T = 1 day) in relation to the occurrence time of large EQs (Ms>5.0R). A postulated theoretical physical working model and its statistical validation

  title={The Earth's oscillating electric field (T = 1 day) in relation to the occurrence time of large EQs (Ms>5.0R). A postulated theoretical physical working model and its statistical validation},
  author={Constantine Thanassoulas and V. Klentos and G. Verveniotis and N. Zymaris},
  journal={arXiv: Geophysics},
The mechanically oscillating, due to tidal forces, lithosperic plate activates, because of its high content in quartzite, the generation of a piezoelectric field. Due to the same mechanical oscillation the lithosphere is generally at a state of an oscillating stress load. Therefore, large EQs which occur at the peaks of the stress load must coincide with the peaks of the generated piezoelectric potential. In this work a physical mechanism is postulated that accounts for the latter hypothesis… 

The precursory electric signals, observed before the Izmit Turkey EQ (Mw = 7.6, August 17th, 1999), analyzed in terms of a hypothetically pre-activated, in the focal area, large scale piezoelectric mechanism

The generated, prior to the Izmit Turkey large EQ, preseismic electric signals were recorded in Greece by the VOL Earth's electric field monitoring site. In order to explain their peculiar character

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Quakes are without a doubt most appalling, unavoidable, common cataclysm on Earth. Seismic tremor is a sudden development of the worlds outside layer brought on by the arrival of the anxiety



Short-term Earthquake Prediction, H

  • Dounias & Co, Athens, Greece
  • 2007

Application of electric method to the tentative short-term forecast of Kamchatka earthquakes

SummaryTentative forecasts of strong earthquakes on Kamchatka have been carried out continuously since 1972 with scientific purpose. Three methods are being used: electric, ratioVp/Vs and

Can large (M >= 8) EQs be triggered by tidal (M1) waves? An analysis of the global seismicity that occurred during 1901 - 2011

The analysis of two global data sets of large earthquakes (2010 - 2011, 30 samples of M \geq 7R and 1901-2011, 178 samples of M \geq 8R) reveals that there exists a cause and effect relation between

How "Short" a "Short-term earthquake prediction" can be? A review of the case of Skyros Island,Greece, EQ (26/7/2001, Ms = 6.1 R)

The earthquake of Skyros Island in Greece (26/7/2001, Ms = 6.1 R) was announced three days before its occurrence in a meeting organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia on 2001. In this

Medium - long term earthquake prediction by the use of the oscillating electric field (T = 365 days) generated due to Earth's orbit around the Sun and due to its consequent oscillating lithospheric deformation

We study the Earth's electric field monitored at PYR (Greece) monitoring site, for a period of more than six years (May 23rd, 2003 to September 7th, 2009). It is compared, in particular its

Preseismic oscillating electric field "strange attractor like" precursor, of T = 6 months, triggered by Ssa tidal wave. Application on large (Ms > 6.0R) EQs in Greece (October 1st, 2006 - December 2nd, 2008)

In this work the preseismic "strange attractor like" precursor is studied, in the domain of the Earth's oscillating electric field for T = 6 months. It is assumed that the specific oscillating

Preseismic oscillating electric field "strange attractor" like precursor, of T=14 days, triggered by M1 tidal wave. Application on large (Ms > 6.0R) EQs in Greece (March 18th, 2006 - November 17th, 2008)

The "strange attractor like" precursor, calculated from the Earth's oscillating electric field registered at PYR and HIO monitoring sites located in Greece, is studied in the domain of T = 14 days.

Preseismic electric field "strange attractor" like precursor analysis applied on large (Ms > 5.5R) EQs, which occurred in Greece during December 1st, 2007 - April 30th, 2008

In order to investigate the capability of the preseismic electric field "strange attractor like" precursor as a time predictor of a large EQ within a short time window (short-term prediction), the

Pre-Seismic Electrical Signals (SES) generation and their relation to the lithospheric tidal oscillations K2, S2, M1 (T = 12hours / 14 days)

It is postulated that the preseismic electric signals (SES) are generated by the piezoelectric mechanism applied on small rock grains - blocks during their stress load until fracturing. Specifically,