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The Early History of the Permanent Magnet

  title={The Early History of the Permanent Magnet},
  author={E. Andrade},
The history of magnetism has been but little explored, and it is not at all generally known how powerful were the magnets produced more than two centuries ago or what methods were used for their production. It will be a surprise to many, too, that permanent magnets made from powdered iron oxide supposedly a quite recent invention were known in the eighteenth century. This article traces the history of permanent magnets from ancient times up to the invention of the Heusler alloys at the… Expand
Inert-Gas Condensed Co-W Nanoclusters: Formation, Structure and Magnetic Properties
Rare-earth permanent magnets are used extensively in numerous technical applications, e.g. wind turbines, audio speakers, and hybrid/electric vehicles. The demand and production of rare-earthExpand
Geometrically-complex magnetic field distributions enabled by bulk, laser-micromachined permanent magnets at the submillimeter scale
High-energy-product permanent magnets (PM) are utilized in many industrial, research, consumer, and commercial applications. Indeed, there are many potential applications that can utilize sub-mm PMExpand
Advanced 3-D magnetic field modeling : applied to a permanent magnet based vibration isolation system
• A submitted manuscript is the author's version of the article upon submission and before peer-review. There can be important differences between the submitted version and the official publishedExpand
Extended analytical charge modeling for permanent-magnet based devices : practical application to the interactions in a vibration isolation system
This thesis researches the analytical surface charge modeling technique which provides a fast, mesh-free and accurate description of complex unbound electromagnetic problems. To date, it has scarcelyExpand
Ferromagnetic Resonance of LSMO Thin Film
The magnetic properties of a 15uc thick LSMO thin film on SrTiO3 (STO) substrate at T=150K was investigated using the technique of ferromagnetic resonance (FMR). The FMR measurement of the 15uc thickExpand


Geschichte der Physik
Zum Altertum rechne ich fur eine Geschichte der Physik nicht wie in der Weltgeschichte die Vorzeit bis zur Volkerwanderung, sondern die Zeit bis zum Ausgang des 16. Jahrhunderts n. Chr. Denn dieseExpand