The Early History of Cardiac Surgery in Stockholm

  title={The Early History of Cardiac Surgery in Stockholm},
  author={Kjell R{\aa}degran},
  journal={Journal of Cardiac Surgery},
  • K. Rådegran
  • Published 1 November 2003
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  • Journal of Cardiac Surgery
Abstract  Cardiac surgery in Stockholm grew on a sound foundation of well‐developed general thoracic surgery. The portal figure is Clarence Crafoord (1899–1983) who already in 1927 had succeeded with the Trendelenburg pulmonary embolectomy operation. He went on to develop lung surgery in general. With foresight he stimulated the chemists of Karolinska Institute to purify heparin, first for prophylaxis against venous thromboembolism and later for use with the heart‐lung machine. In 1944 he… 

Safe Introduction and Quality Control of New Methods in Coronary Surgery

  • J. Bergsland
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    Acta informatica medica : AIM : journal of the Society for Medical Informatics of Bosnia & Herzegovina : casopis Drustva za medicinsku informatiku BiH
  • 2011
The investigations presented in this paper clearly demonstrates the importance of well-designed studies when new surgical methods are introduced and the value of shunt in OPCAB was clearly demonstrated by the randomized studies.

Prevalence of Complications Following Unifocalization and Pulmonary Artery Reconstruction Procedures

Complications were relatively frequent in this cohort of patients and had a linear association with hospital length of stay and major adverse cardiac events were encountered at a modest prevalence but had a profound impact on measures of outcome.

Endovascular management of coarctation of the aorta.

Early and intermediate results suggest angioplasty and stenting have an important role in the management of aortic coarctation, particularly in adults and older children.

Platelet Inhibition and Bleeding Complications in Cardiac Surgery Patients - Clinical and experimental studies

DAPT with ticagrelor allows shorter discontinuation time before surgery than clopidogrel, and timing of surgery may be aided by platelet function testing, and the role of platelet inhibition in patients operated for acute aortic dissection was examined.

Fibrinogen, platelet and factor XIII supplementation in cardiac surgery: In vitro and in vivo studies

The results suggest that transfusion with fibrinogen or platelets improve hemostasis, whereas factor XIII should remain a secondary tool in the treatment of perioperative bleeding.

heart surgery and its consequences for well-being – the perspectives of patients , relatives and health care professionals

HCPs’ sensitivity to signs of reduced well-being in patients and relatives after OHS formed the theme “awareness of an exposed situation” based on the categories: “Signs of vulnerability” and “signs of insecurity”.

Open heart surgery and its consequences for well-being: the perspectives of patients, relatives and health care professionals

OHS was experienced as a great challenge, which changed the patients and made them fragile, but those with depressed mood experienced disruptions while finishing their transitional process, which impeded reorientation.

Experimental study on inhibition of rat ventricular Ik 1 by RNA interference targeting the KCNJ 2 gene

The study demonstrated that IK1 was clearly inhibited after the inhibition of KCNJ2 gene expression by RNAi, and this may represent a new approach to the study of biological pacemakers.




Approximately one hundred and forty-two Trendelenburg operations for massive pulmonary embolism have been reported, and only nine of the patients operated on have left the hospital as cured. 1 This


The use of heparin as prophylactic against thrombosis has arisen through our increased knowledge of this substance gained during the last few years. The latest developments in this field have been

The closure of atrial septal defects.

The surgical closure of interauricular septal defects.

Strip grafting in coronary arteries. Report of a case.

  • Å. Senning
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    The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
  • 1961