The Early Alphabet

  title={The Early Alphabet},
  author={John F. Healey},
In this generously illustrated book, John Healey outlines the basic principles of the early alphabet and describes the first attempts at alphabetic writing in the Semitic languages. 
Scripts and Writing Systems: A Historical Perspective
Evaluations of writing systems, or a particular script, are all too often based on the twin assumption that it is the purpose of writing to make language visible; and that the alphabet is best suited
Revisiting the Encoding of Proto Sinaitic in Unicode Anshuman
The ‘Proto­Sinaitic’ script is first attested on inscriptions beginning in the 19th century BCE at Wadi el­Hol at the Qena bend of the Nile River in Egypt and at Serabit el­Khadim in the Sinai
The Arabic Script, from Visual Analogy to Model-Based Reasoning
For the Arabs in the beginning was the sound and the letter. Only afterward, the written word embodied and conditioned by the Qur’an. The phonetic and graphic shapes of the letters inspired a series
The Phoenician fonts
The phoenician package provides a set of Postscript Type1 fonts for the Phoenician script used about 1100 bc.
The formation and the development of the Arabic script from the earliest times until its standardisation
The article overviews and systematises the theories and hypotheses that refer to the beginning of the Arabic script and the paths and the causes of its development until the 10th century, when this script was standardised.
Towards a typology of phonemic scripts
ABSTRACT This paper focuses on those scripts whose basic grain size is the phoneme or phonological segment, arguing for both the essential unity and the diversity of such scripts. On the one hand,
Proposal to encode the Elymaic script in Unicode
This is a proposal to encode the Elymaic script in the international character encoding standard Unicode, which was published in Unicode Standard version 12.0 in March 2019.
A companion to the ancient Greek language
Mycenaean texts : the Linear B tablets / Silvia Ferrara -- Phoinikēia grammata : an alphabet for the Greek language / Roger D. Woodard -- Inscriptions / Rudolph Wachter -- Papyri / Arthur Verhoogt --
A Critical History of Early Rome: From Prehistory to the First Punic War
List of Maps and Figures Acknowledgments Dedication Abbreviations Foreword 1. Italy in Prehistory 2. Archaic Italy c. 800--500 B.C. 3. The Ancient Sources for Early Roman History 4. Rome During the