The EXPLODET project : advanced nuclear techniques for humanitarian demining

  title={The EXPLODET project : advanced nuclear techniques for humanitarian demining},
  author={Giuseppe Viesti and Marco Cinausero and N. Cufaro-Petroni and G. D’Erasmo and Davide Fabris and Eduardo B Fioretto and R. Fonte and Marcello Lunardon and Ignazio Lazzizzera and Giuliano Nardelli and G. Nardulli and Giancarlo Nebbia and M. Palomba and Anntonella Pantaleo and Lighea Pappalardo and Silvia Pesente and Paolo Prati and Gianfranco Prete and S. Reito and Anna Sartori and Giampietro Tecchiolli and Sandra Zavatarelli and Valeria Filippini},
Thermal neutron activation and fast neutron scattering are known to be a useful tool to detect hidden explosives which present an elevated concentration of nitrogen and peculiar elemental ratio for light elements (C,N,O). Such characteristics can be suitably optimized to detect the small amount of explosives contained in anti-personnel mines (APM) disseminated in former war theatres. We report here on a research program aimed at defining a conceptual design of a field operated system for APM… CONTINUE READING