The EUSO@TurLab Project

  title={The EUSO@TurLab Project},
  author={Hisashi Miyamoto and Maurizio Bertaina and Giorgio Cotto and Renato Forza and Massimigliano Manfrin and Mara Mignone and Gregorio Suino and Ahmed Monier Ahmed Youssef and Rossella Caruso and Giovanni Contino and Simon Bacholle and Ph. Gorodetzky and Anatol Jung and Etienne Parizot and Geoffroy Pr{\'e}vot and Pierre Barrillon and Sylvie Dagoret-Campagne and Julio Arturo Rabanal Reina and Sylvie Blin},
The TurLab facility is a laboratory, equipped with a 5 m diameter and 1 m depth rotating tank, located in the Physics Department of the University of Turin. The tank has been built mainly to study problems where system rotation plays a key role in the fluid behaviour such as in atmospheric and oceanic flows at different scales. The tank can be filled with different fluids of variable density, which enables studies in layered conditions such as sea waves. The tank can be also used to simulate… CONTINUE READING

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