The EEG in Epilepsy A Historical Note

  title={The EEG in Epilepsy A Historical Note},
  author={Mary Agnes Burniston Brazier},
  • M. Brazier
  • Published 1 January 1959
  • Medicine
  • Epilepsia
In 1935 a paper (23) which was to become and remain a classic in clinical electroencephalography was published under the title : “The electro-encephalogram in epilepsy and in conditions of impaired consciousness”. Of the renowned trio of authors, Gibbs, Davis and Lennox, it is to the senior member, Dr. William Lennox, that this volume is being offered today as a tribute (Fig. 1). In this paper, which described the EEG during impairment of consciousness induced by sleep, by anoxia and by… Expand

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