The EDEM and Yos9p families of lectin-like ERAD factors.

  title={The EDEM and Yos9p families of lectin-like ERAD factors.},
  author={Kazue Kanehara and Shinichi Kawaguchi and Davis T W Ng},
  journal={Seminars in cell & developmental biology},
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Protein quality control pathways monitor the folding of newly synthesized proteins throughout the cell. Irreversibly misfolded proteins are sorted and degraded to neutralize their potential toxicity. In the secretory pathway, multiple strategies have evolved to test the wide diversity of molecules that traffic through the endoplasmic reticulum. The organelle has adapted the use of N-linked glycans to signal protein folding states. The signals are read by the EDEM and Yos9 protein families that… CONTINUE READING