The EBI macromolecular structure database (E-MSD) and structural genomics

  title={The EBI macromolecular structure database (E-MSD) and structural genomics},
  author={Kim Henrick and Harry Boutselakis and Dimitris Dimitropoulos and Adel Golovin and John M. C. Ionides and M. John and Penny Keller and Eugene Krissinel and P. McNeil and Jesus Pineda and Siamak Sobhany and John G. Tate and Antonio Suarez-Uruena and Sameer Velankar},
High throughput structural genomics projects are now underway. These projects will collect comprehensive data on protein structure. The e-msd has contributed to the detailed data representation model(s) and exchange data formats and mechanisms between each step in a structure determination. This model, incorporates the means for making the information reliable, accurate and up to date and to include indicators of reliability. The e-msd recognizes that in order for data to be used efficiently… CONTINUE READING