The EAGLE project : simulating the evolution and assembly of galaxies and their environments

  title={The EAGLE project : simulating the evolution and assembly of galaxies and their environments},
  author={Joop Schaye and Robert A. Crain and Richard G. Bower and Michelle Furlong and Matthieu Schaller and Tom Theuns and C Vecchia and C. S. Frenk and Ian G. McCarthy and John C. Helly and A. Jenkins and Y. M. Rosas-Guevara and Simon D. M. White and Maarten Baes and Christopher M Booth and Peter Camps and J. F. Vel{\'a}zquez Navarro and Yan Qu and Alireza Rahmati and Till Sawala and Peter A. Thomas and James Trayford},
We introduce the Virgo Consortium’s Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their Environments (EAGLE) project, a suite of hydrodynamical simulations that follow the formation of galaxies and supermassive black holes in cosmologically representative volumes of a standard cold dark matter universe. We discuss the limitations of such simulations in light of their finite resolution and poorly constrained subgrid physics, and how these affect their predictive power. One major improvement is our… CONTINUE READING


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L57 APPENDIX A: HYDRODYNAMICS Recently, much effort has been directed at solving a well-known issue with the standard SPH implementation: multivalued particle

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Several solutions have been suggested in order to smooth the pressure at contact discontinuities (e.g

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The EAGLE simulation project

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