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The Dynamics of Moving Bodies without Lorentz's Invariance Part I: time and distance transformations

  title={The Dynamics of Moving Bodies without Lorentz's Invariance Part I: time and distance transformations},
  author={Ramzi Suleiman},
The present article proposes a theory of relativity which disentangles Einstein's relativistic approach from Lorentz's invariance principle, the latter being basically an Ether theory. This modification, termed Complete Relativity (CR) is justified both theoretically and experimentally. On the theoretical side it is argued, as done half a century ago by Herbert Dingle, that the inconsistency in Special Relativity theory (SR) is a result of Einstein's attempt to reconcile the theory with the… 

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  • H. Dingle
  • Philosophy
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1964
A SHORT time ago I published in Nature [i] an argument purporting to show that the special theory of relativity, though mathematically selfconsistent, could not correctly describe the facts of nature

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