The Dynamics of Internet Traffic: Self-Similarity, Self-Organization, and Complex Phenomena

  title={The Dynamics of Internet Traffic: Self-Similarity, Self-Organization, and Complex Phenomena},
  author={R. Smith},
  journal={Adv. Complex Syst.},
  • R. Smith
  • Published 2011
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • Adv. Complex Syst.
  • The Internet is one of the largest and most complex communication and information exchange networks ever created. Therefore, its dynamics and traffic unsurprisingly take on a rich variety of complex dynamics, self-organization, and other phenomena that have been researched for years. This paper is a review of the complex dynamics of Internet traffic. Departing from normal treatises, we will take a view from both the network engineering and physics perspectives showing the strengths and… CONTINUE READING

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