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The Dynamics of Faith

  title={The Dynamics of Faith},
  author={Michael Fraenkel},
  journal={The Jewish Quarterly},
This book is dedicated to the Glory of God the Father, to the exaltation of the Name of Jesus in the earth and to the edification of the Body of Christ. FOREWORD [The Ministry of the Prophet] 1. Called, Chosen and Faithful 2. God's Refining Process for His Children 3. Seven Steps to the Life of Faith 4. Six Great Hindrances to the Life of Faith 5. Defining the "Fear" of the Lord 6. "God Hath Not Given us the Spirit of Fear" 7. The Weapons of our Warfare 8. "Be Ye Transformed by the Renewing of… Expand
Faith in God as a Psychic Factor in the Individual’s Spiritual Well-Being .....
The analysis of the human’s position in the modern world suggests that faith in God is a vital factor in the state of their spiritual well-being and consequently the strategic paradigm for all formsExpand
The American Jewish Philanthropic Complex in the Age of Trump
In the past, I have concluded a lecture about American Jewish philanthropy with a plea for a reinvigorated public: “Where are the people?” If listeners have stuck with me this far, through myExpand
Jung on the moment of identity and its loss as history
ABSTRACTJung understands Eckhart’s religious experience to culminate in a point of unqualified identity between ego and unconscious, and so, effectively, between the divine and the human. ThisExpand
The concept of man’s salvation in the thought of Saint John Paul II and Paul Tillich: similarities and differences
The presented text aims to distinguish the understanding of the concept of salvation by two significant Christian scholars: John Paul II and Paul Tillich. They come from two separate ChristianExpand
Some contributions of a psychological approach to the study of the sacred
ABSTRACT This paper examines some of the contributions psychology is making to the study of the sacred and its role in human functioning. The focus here is not on the ontological reality of theExpand
The Other Side of their Zeal
Abstract This article tracks the harsh reality of homophobia in Korea, focusing on the homophobic rhetoric of Korean Christian fundamentalists. I suggest that the fundamentalists’ homophobic rhetoricExpand
The Desecularization of Conflict: The Role of Religion in Russia's Confrontation with Chechnya, 1785–Today
T he post-Soviet Chechen independence movement was not an Islamic jihad, nor did religion play any significant role in the formation of the movement in its early stages of development. The grievancesExpand
Embodying Community: a Transformative and Sacramental Ecclesiology of Disability
This project asserts that, in and through churchly communities that embrace the sacraments’ evocation of God’s gracious invitation to inclusion, people with disabilities require critical facets ofExpand
Faith dialogue as a pedagogy for a post secular religious education
Inter-faith or inter-religious dialogue takes place for a range of reasons and comes in many guises, from the reconciliatory encounter to ease rivalry, to an engagement with the other in anExpand
Existence as the Question of Faith: Tillich's Existential Reorientation of the Arguments for God's Existence
Through a close reading of Paul Tillich this article argues that the human being asks questions because its existence is a question, pensive concern with the meaning of its own being. A chief task,Expand