The Dynamic Behaviour of Crash Helmets

  title={The Dynamic Behaviour of Crash Helmets},
  author={j. M. Rayne Engmermg Physm},
  • j. M. Rayne Engmermg Physm
  • Published 1969
SUMWIRY This paper summarises work carrxed out at R.A.E. on the protection of the head in crashes. In general, two problems are seen to exist; the prevention of skull fracture and the prevention of concussion. The skull can be protected withln quite wide lxnlts by spreading the load, but little can be done brectly by helmets of practicable size to prevent concussion. The llkellhood of brain inJury can be reduced slightly by designing helmets wnth low elasticity and a tendency to deflect blows… CONTINUE READING