The Dynamic American Dream

  title={The Dynamic American Dream},
  author={Jennifer Wolak and David A. M. Peterson},
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Representasi Pesan Mimpi Amerika (American Dream) Dalam Film Fatherhood

Stereotip mengenai ras kulit hitam sering dikaitkan dengan kemiskinan. Sekumpulan orang Amerika menganggap ras dan kemiskinan dengan berlebihan sehingga orang Afrika-Amerika lama dikenal sebagai

Prosperity as an American Dream: A Study on Ben Fowlkes’S You’Ll Apologize If You Have To

You’ll Apologize If You Have To (2015), a short story by Ben Fowlkes, portrays the struggle of an American in pursuing his dreams. The primary data of this research is the narration and dialogues

The Causal Effect of Income Inequality on Attribution and Social Trust

Across the social sciences researchers have debated the impact income inequality has on people's perceptions, specifically on attribution and social trust. Causal identification of such effects,

Entertaining Beliefs in Economic Mobility

  • Eunji Kim
  • Economics
    SSRN Electronic Journal
  • 2021
Americans have long believed in upward mobility and the narrative of the American Dream. Even in the face of rising income inequality and substantial empirical evidence that economic mobility has

The Comparison of the American Dream and the Chinese Dream

This essay focuses on the widely used phrases “the American Dream” and “the Chinese Dream”. In this essay, the author traces the origins and developments of the American Dream and the Chinese Dream



Beyond the Unit Root Question: Uncertainty and Inference

A framework for inference based on critical value bounds for hypothesis tests on the long‐run multiplier (LRM) that eschews unit root tests and incorporates the uncertainty inherent in identifying the dynamic properties of the data into inferences about LRRs is developed.

Satisfaction with Democracy and the American Dream

Many studies show that past and current economic conditions are strong determinants of citizens’ attitudes toward government and political institutions. In this article, we develop a forward-looking

Tides of Consent

Politics is a trial in which those in government – and those who aspire to serve – make proposals, debate alternatives, and pass laws. Then the jury of public opinion decides. It likes the proposals

Political Context, Government Redistribution, and the Public’s Response to Growing Economic Inequality

While most Americans appear to acknowledge the large gap between the rich and the poor in the United States, it is not clear how the public has responded to recent changes in income inequality. The

Explaining Congressional Approval

Theory: Aggregate public approval of the United States Congress declines when Congress acts as required by its institutional role as both a representative and legislative body. Hypothesis: The

Social Capital and the Dynamics of Trust in Government

  • L. Keele
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 2007
It is well understood that trust in government responds to the performance of the president, Congress, and the economy. Despite improved government performance, however, trust has never returned to

Economic Self-Interest and Political Behavior

The nature of the relationship between personal economic well-being and political behavior has been an object of much theory and research in the social sciences. A growing number of studies of survey

Co-Integration, Error Correction, and the Econometric Analysis of Non-Stationary Data

This book focuses on the exploration of relationships among integrated data series and the exploitation of these relationships in dynamic econometric modelling, and the asymptotic theory of integrated processes is described.

Economic Inequality and U.S. Public Policy Mood Across Space and Time

While classic theories suggest that growing inequality will generate mass support for redistribution, recent research suggests the opposite: increases in inequality in the United States are