The Durability of a Unipolar System: Lessons from East Asian History

  title={The Durability of a Unipolar System: Lessons from East Asian History},
  author={Yuan-kang Wang},
  journal={Security Studies},
  pages={832 - 863}
Abstract Is unipolarity durable? IR scholars have offered contradictory answers, with primacists arguing for the longevity of US unipolarity and declinists suggesting the opposite. The literature suffers, however, from two shortcomings: (1) theories of unipolarity built on the sole case of the United States are difficult to generalize; and (2) they tend to focus on the defensive measures available to lesser states while downplaying the proactive means the unipole can adopt to prolong its… 

Persevering with bandwagoning, not hedging: why European security cooperation still conforms to realism

ABSTRACT Over the past few years, European security cooperation has been revived. The EU has launched several defence initiatives and some member states, such as France have launched their own