The Duffy protein: a malarial and chemokine receptor.

  title={The Duffy protein: a malarial and chemokine receptor.},
  author={A. Oscar Pogo and Asok Chaudhuri},
  journal={Seminars in hematology},
  volume={37 2},
A major advance towards understanding the Duffy blood group system has been achieved with the cloning of FY, a single-copy gene located in the 1q22->q23 region of chromosome 1. The product of FY Is an acidic glycoprotein (gp-Fy), which spans the plasma membrane seven times and has an exocellular N-terminal domain and an endocellular C-terminal domain. The system consists of four alleles, five phenotypes, and five antigens. FYA, FYB, FYB(ES), and FYB(WK) are the alleles; Fy(a+b-), Fy(a-b+), Fy(a… CONTINUE READING