The Dragon and the Horn: Reflections on China–Africa Strategic Relations

  title={The Dragon and the Horn: Reflections on China–Africa Strategic Relations},
  author={Aleksi Yl{\"o}nen},
  journal={Insight on Africa},
  pages={145 - 159}
  • Aleksi Ylönen
  • Published 12 June 2020
  • Political Science
  • Insight on Africa
Historically, China maintained relations with faraway lands. These links included the intercontinental Silk Road and maritime trade routes, which connected China with other continents, including the eastern shores of Africa. However, apart from the exchange of goods, these routes also had a globalising effect through the spread of cultural influences, technology, ideologies and philosophical thought. Following its new push into Africa in the 1990s, China sought to rebuild these connections and… 


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