The Double Algebraic View of Finite Quantum Groupoids

  • Published 2008


Double algebra is the structure modelled by the properties of the ordinary and the convolution product in Hopf algebras, weak Hopf algebras and Hopf algebroids if a Frobenius integral is given. The Hopf algebroids possessing a Frobenius integral are precisely the Frobenius double algebras in which the two multiplications satisfy distributivity. The double algebra approach makes it manifest that all comultiplications in such measured Hopf algebroids are of the Abrams-Kadison type, i.e., they come from a Frobenius algebra structure in some bimodule category. Antipodes for double algebras correspond to the Connes-Moscovici ‘deformed’ antipode as we show by discussing Hopf and weak Hopf algebras from the double algebraic point of view. Frobenius algebra extensions provide further examples that need not be distributive.

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