The Dossier on Stephen, the First Martyr

  title={The Dossier on Stephen, the First Martyr},
  author={François Bovon},
  journal={Harvard Theological Review},
  pages={279 - 315}
Today, New Testament scholars interpret the book of Acts and its account of the Hellenists—Stephen's martyrdom in particularSee Acts 6–8.—while historians of Christianity study the cult of Saint Stephen and the healing power of his relicsParticularly in the eyes of Augustine; see De civitate Dei, 22.8; also p. 290, below.. In contrast to the situation in earlier scholarship, there is, alas, little dialogue between the two groups, because the first does not investigate the reception of the book… 

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Rewriting—the interand intralingual reworking of a previous text—is for the famous Franco-Czech novelist and critic Milan Kundera not just as a creative act as writing, but also an act that “calls

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1. Introduction 2. Dreams in hagiography and other narratives 3. Dreams and apparitions: patristic ideas and their reception 4. The epistemology of visions: the reception of Augustine on the three

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ITALIANO: Il trasferimento in Occidente di reliquie provenienti dai principati latini d’Oriente nel XII secolo fu spesso utilizzato come strategia politico-religiosa nel sostegno al movimento e agli

O martírio de Estêvão e a comunidade cristã de Jerusalém: a questão da memória no relato historiográfico de Atos dos Apóstolos

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Qelle place occupe Etienne dans le developpement du christianisme primitif? Les specialistes en discutent encore. Juif chretien hellenophone, il fut un personnage historique, on peut l'affirmer. Les

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L'A. s'interesse a un recit apocryphe rapportant le martyre et la sepulture de saint Etienne, le protomartyr. Ce texte existe en deux versions grecques dont il publie ici de larges extraits dans la