The Door

  title={The Door},
  author={Byongsue Kang and Hyohoun No and Junghwan Sung and Jaeyoung Kim and Hwanik Jo and Semi Kim and Minju Lee},
  booktitle={SA '11},
We want to express digital communication with a human touch. So we pay attention to the properties of a door because it links one place to another. We think the linking of different places and sharing of places is one of the substantial qualities of network technology. Another reason that we focus on a door is because it bears great meanings. For example, a door is the first spot for a meeting with someone or for kissing someone goodbye. It could be your children, spouse, or your friends. These… Expand
The Poetics of social work – how being artful in our craft takes us elsewhere into mindfulness
Poetry is an ageless craft that helps people find meaning and gives hope and courage. The poetics of social work describes an evolving framework in which poetry is located as a knowledge base thatExpand
Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter the Public Domain?: Empirical Tests of Copyright Term Extension
Data from the research, including a novel human subjects experiment, suggest that the claims about the public domain are suspect and that audio books made from public domain best Sellers are significantly more available than those made from copyrighted bestsellers. Expand
Writing, Aging and Death in Margaret Atwood’s The Door
In The Door (2007) Margaret Atwood continues her movement from the trickster aesthetics of previous works (1965‒1986) towards the more human vision that she had developed in her poetry collectionExpand
‘Watch your films attentively’: Kira Muratova’s unrealised script as a key to her oeuvre
This introductory article to the first publication of Kira Muratova’s and Vladimir Zuev’s unrealised film script Watch Your Dreams Attentively (Vnimatel’no smotrite sny, 1969) in this journal issueExpand
‘Leav(ing) room for the reader’ : the agency of characters who read in the fiction of Ali Smith
This thesis argues that characters who read are a recurring preoccupation in the work of contemporary Scottish writer Ali Smith, who foregrounds the act of reading as equal to, if not more importantExpand
Listening to Voices: Storied Moments of a Changing Teacher Identity Inside Shared Spaces
........................................................................................................................................ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSExpand
Positive Emotions as a Moderator of the Associations Between Self-Control and Social Support Among Adolescents with Risk Behaviors
The present study investigated the moderating role of positive emotions on the associations between self-control and social support with gambling and water-pipe smoking. One hundred fifty-fiveExpand
Transforming Constraint: Transnational Feminist Movement Building in the Middle East and North Africa
This dissertation focuses on the intersection of global and indigenous a dvocacy strategies in feminist women’s movements in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). I explore strategies ofExpand


A Human Activity Approach to User Interfaces
  • S. Bødker
  • Computer Science
  • Hum. Comput. Interact.
  • 1989
A framework for the design of user interfaces that originates from the work situations in which computer-based artifacts are used is presented and it is argued that the user interface fully reveals itself to us only when in use. Expand
Constructing Meaning from Space, Gesture, and Speech
Face-to-face communication in the workplace is often conceived of as consisting mainly of spoken language. Although spoken language is clearly a very important medium for the creation ofExpand
Sameness and substance
We present here because it will be so easy for you to access the internet service. As in this new era, much technology is sophistically offered by connecting to the internet. No any problems to face,Expand
Experiments in rights control : expression and enforcement
The Internet has transformed the long-term perception on working, entertainment, and living rapidly, and rights control has emerged as a potential solution to solve this problem. Expand
Information Technologies: What You See Is Not (Always) What You Get. Revised.
The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the gap between the learning potentials afforded by computers and the actual learning from them. A computer's unique potentials emanate from theExpand
Response to Vera and Simon's Situated Action: A Symbolic Interpretation
I take it that the article by Vera and Simon (1993) is inspired by their sense of a need to respond to recent challenges from within cognitive science, and in formulating their article as a response to these challenges, they have grouped together a diverse, often incommensurate set of positions under the label SA. Expand
The Human Side of Information Processing
This book represents yet another attempt to move away from seeing an information system, whether for constraining, monitoring or supporting decision-making, as a system which can be theorised about,Expand
Sketchpad: a man-machine graphical communication system
The Sketchpad system makes it possible for a man and a computer to converse rapidly through the medium of line drawings, and opens up a new area of man-machine communication. Expand
Computer Use and Views of the Mind
Empirical and theoretical research on human cognition has provided a variety of insights and new approaches to mathematics learning and teaching. This research is guided by various differentExpand
Computer-mediated activity: functional organs in social and developmental contexts
This chapter discusses the potential advantages and limitations of activity theory as a conceptual framework for HCI and attempts to put the theory into the context of the problems that researchers in the field are currently encountering. Expand