The Dominant Ethnic Moment

  title={The Dominant Ethnic Moment},
  author={Eric P. Kaufmann},
  pages={231 - 253}
In the past decade and a half, the study of the American white majority has blossomed into a major academic endeavour. So-called ‘White Studies’ provided an important service in opening up a ‘hidden’ field of study that remained neglected as recently as the early 1990s. However, in this debate, I suggest that while the study of whites and white racial systems is important, the White Studies approach possesses little heuristic value for scholars attempting to explain majority responses to… Expand
Critical Whiteness Studies
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Confronting the Limits of Antiracist and Multicultural Education: White Students’ Reflections on Identity and Difference in a Multiethnic Secondary School
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Hispanic or Latino: the use of politicized terms for the Hispanic minority in US official documents and quality news outlets
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Color-Blind and Color-Visible Identity Among American Whites
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