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The Dodo and the Solitaire

  title={The Dodo and the Solitaire},
  author={Jolyon C. Parish},
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The Oxford Dodo. Seeing more than ever before: X-ray micro-CT scanning, specimen acquisition and provenance

3D visualisation revealed 115 metal particles embedded within the bone of the skull, concentrated in the left side of the skulls, leading to the conclusion that they represent lead shot consistent with the bird being shot from the rear right of the head, perhaps with a ventral component.

A newly-discovered early depiction of the Dodo (Aves: Columbidae: Raphus cucullatus) by Roelandt Savery, with a note on another previously unnoticed Savery Dodo

A painting, entitled The Temptation of Saint Anthony, by Roelandt Savery sold at Sotheby’s London on 7th December 2016, is brought to wider attention and is argued to be probably his earliest depiction of the dodo and apparently one based upon a preserved specimen.

The Oxford Dodo. Part 2: from curiosity to icon and its role in displays, education and research

The dissection of the head and foot and the Tradescant Dodo’s display history, from the late nineteenth century until the present day, and also its use in education are described.