The Divine Attributes

  title={The Divine Attributes},
  author={Joshua Hoffman and Gary S. Rosenkrantz},
Divine Temporality and Providential Bodgery
In contemporary debates, one is presented with temporal and timeless conceptions of divine eternality. Each conception is said to have various consequences for understanding divine perfection andExpand
Divine Attributes
  • Joshua Hoffman, G. Rosenkrantz
  • The Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion
  • 2021
Interpretation of Symbols, Veneration and Divine Attributes in Dieng Temple Complex, Central Java
This study aims to discuss the divine symbols and attributes used as a medium of worship in the Dieng Plateau. The research was phased in according to Wallace's empirical cycle and was conducted inExpand
Necessary Suffering and Lewisian Theism
One can readily conceive of worlds of horrendous, gratuitous suffering. Moreover, such worlds seem possible. For classical theists, however, God, amongst other things, is perfectly good. So, theExpand
  • Joshua Hoffman, G. Rosenkrantz
  • The Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion
  • 2021
Omniscience and ignorance
God’s omniscience generates certain puzzles, not least regarding how such omniscience is compatible with human free will. One option in this regard is to impose limitations on the scope of God’sExpand
Perfect Being Theology
  • Michael J. Almeida
  • The Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion
  • 2021
Analyzing Aseity
Abstract The doctrine of divine aseity has played a significant role in the development of classical theism. However, very little attention has been paid in recent years to the question of howExpand
Felsefenin Fıkhi Hükmü Fukaha'nın Felsefeye Bakışı Üzerine Eleştirel Bir Değerlendirme
Bu calisma, Islam Fikih literaturunde felsefenin fikhi hukmu konusunda serdedilmis olumsuz goruslerin bir degerlendirmesini yapmayi amaclamaktadir. Zira Fikih mudevvenatinda felsefi faaliyetinExpand
God’s place in the world
Lewisian theism is the view that both traditional theism and Lewis’s modal realism are true. On Lewisian theism, God must exist in worlds in one of the following ways: (1) God can be said to have aExpand


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