The Diversity of Chemoprotective Glucosinolates in Moringaceae (Moringa spp.)

  title={The Diversity of Chemoprotective Glucosinolates in Moringaceae (Moringa spp.)},
  author={Jed W Fahey and Mark E Olson and Katherine K. Stephenson and Kristina L. Wade and Gwen M Chodur and David W. Odee and Wasif Nouman and Michael A. Massiah and Jesse Alt and Patricia G. Egner and Walter Clyde Hubbard},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
Glucosinolates (GS) are metabolized to isothiocyanates that may enhance human healthspan by protecting against a variety of chronic diseases. Moringa oleifera, the drumstick tree, produces unique GS but little is known about GS variation within M. oleifera, and even less in the 12 other Moringa species, some of which are very rare. We assess leaf, seed, stem, and leaf gland exudate GS content of 12 of the 13 known Moringa species. We describe 2 previously unidentified GS as major components of… CONTINUE READING
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