The Diverse and Contested Meanings of Sustainable Development

  title={The Diverse and Contested Meanings of Sustainable Development},
  author={Colin Jay Williams and Andrew Millington},
  journal={Econometric Modeling: Agriculture},
We provide a heuristic framework that can be used as a lens for understanding the arguments being presented in the papers which comprise this special issue on sustainable development and environmental issues in Great Britain. This framework can also be used as an introduction to the wider literature on sustainable development because it is designed to bring greater clarity to this large, diverse and rapidly expanding field of enquiry populated by heterogeneous discourses, multiple approaches… Expand
Sustainable Consumption - Mapping the Terrain
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Representing a Sustainable World – A Typology Approach
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The Stakeholder Approach: A Sustainability Perspective
This article considers the stakeholder approach (SHA) to organisational management through the lens of what it means for humans to live sustainably on the Earth (that is, for there to be aExpand
Sustainable Development: Representing a reflexive modernity inside the United Nations
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Sustainable Development: The Road Ahead for Business or Sirens' Lure?
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Sustainability appraisal: jack of all trades, master of none?
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Sustainable technologies do not exist
Innovation and sustainable development are broad, general concepts with positive connotations which are widely used in the social sciences, but usually in an ambiguous, imprecise way. This paperExpand
Progressing a Sustainable-world: A Case Study of the South
This paper discusses a component of a current research project that is concerned with what it means for humanity to live sustainably, that is, for there to be a sustainable-world, and how this mightExpand
Strategic ambiguity as a discourse practice: the role of keywords in the discourse on ‘sustainable’ biotechnology
In this article we examined the ways in which strategic ambiguity (Eisenberg, 1984) in the use of keywords (Williams, 1976/1983) served an enabling function within a discourse marked by conflict andExpand


Regions and sustainable development: regional planning matters
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'Just sustainability': the emerging discourse of environmental justice in Britain?
Environmental justice is both a vocabulary for political opportunity, mobilization and action, and a policy principle to guide public decision making. It emerged initially in the US, and moreExpand
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Encountering Development : The Making and Unmaking of the Third World
Preface to the 2012 Edition vii Preface xlv CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Development and the Anthropology of Modernity 3 CHAPTER 2: The Problematization of Poverty: The Tale of Three Worlds andExpand
Understanding and managing climate change: the UK experience
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For a Critical Cultural Political Economy
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Community and Sustainable Development : Participation in the future
Contributors Acronyms and Abbreviations Figures, Tables and Boxes Foreword by Jonathon Porritt Preface 1. A Passionate Dialogue: Community and Sustainable Development Diane Warburton 2. AExpand