The Disintegrating Village

  title={The Disintegrating Village},
  author={Bryce. Ryan},
  journal={American Anthropologist},
  • B. Ryan
  • Published 1 April 1958
  • Economics
  • American Anthropologist
Suicide and the morality of kinship in Sri Lanka
Ethnographic research amongst Sinhala Buddhists in community and clinical settings in the Madampe Division, northwest Sri Lanka, suggests that local understandings and practices of suicidal behaviour
Implications of development programs for population redistribution in Sri Lanka with special reference to North Central Province and Colombo Region
This thesis analyses the overall migration trends and patterns in Sri Lanka to identify the most popular migration destinations in the country. For this purpose data from the ten percent sample of
Retrospective Reading of Fieldnotes. Living on Gypsy Camps
Decades after embarking on research among Gypsies, I examine that earlier context when there was little published discussion of participant observation practice. Snatched advice and rare texts
Analyzing Qualitative Data
This major inter-disciplinary collection, edited by two of the best respected figures in the field, provides a superb general introduction to this subject. Chapters include discussions of fieldwork
‘Enclave’ plantations, ‘hemmed‐in’ villages and dualistic representations in colonial Ceylon
(1992). ‘Enclave’ plantations, ‘hemmed‐in’ villages and dualistic representations in colonial Ceylon. The Journal of Peasant Studies: Vol. 19, Plantations, Proletarians and Peasants in Colonial Asia,
Gender in two slum cultures
Gender in two slum cultures considers the lives of women through comparing and contrasting two Asian slum areas in Bangkok and Colombo. It examines their lives through focusing on gender struggle and
The Ideological History of the Sri Lankan ‘Peasantry’
  • M. Moore
  • Economics
    Modern Asian Studies
  • 1989
The Sri Lankan rural economy has long been categorized into a plantation sector producing tea, rubber and some coconuts for export, and a smallholder sector producing mainly food, especially rice,
Politics and class in Spring Valley, Sri Lanka: An ‘anti‐structuralist’ interpretation
The article is concerned with socioeconomic differentiation among Sinhalese villagers in a tea‐growing area of the Uva Highlands. Theoretically, and on the basis of a reassessment of ‘the alternative
The establishment and consolidation of the plantation economy in Sri Lanka
Some of the major economic and political problems facing Sri Lanka today, such as the inherent instability of the export economy, land hunger of the peasantry, backwardness of rural agriculture and...
Embedded production relations and the rationality of tenant quiescence in tenure reform
The tenure reform policy model in operation in South Asia has generally failed to achieve its modest aims and has often led to net deterioration in the life chances of the class it claims to protect