The Discovery of the Law of Conservation of Energy

  title={The Discovery of the Law of Conservation of Energy},
  author={George Sarton and Joseph Mayer and James Prescott Joule and Sadi Carnot},
  pages={18 - 44}
  • Aux origines des sciences humaines
  • 2021
Study on Magnetic Control Systems of Micro-Robots
Aiming at surmounting the instability of magnetic control system, SolidWorks2020 software is utilized to partially modify the SAMM system to make its final overall thickness attain 111 mm, which is capable to control and observe the motion of the micro-robot under the microscope system in an even better fashion.
Joule’s Experiments on the Heat Evolved by Metallic Conductors of Electricity
The focus of this paper is one of James Prescott Joule’s scientific contributions: the laws of heat production by electric currents in conductors. In 1841, the 22 years old Joule published a paper
concept d'entropie
Second best as a researcher, second to none as a populariser? : the atmospheric science of John Tyndall FRS (1820-1893)
John Tyndall, FRS (1820-1893), the eminent scientist and mountaineer, the discoverer of the greenhouse gases, has been frequently presented as chiefly a populariser of science rather than a
Conservation of Energy Readings on the Origins of the First Law of Thermodynamics. Part II
The concepts of matter, motion, and energy have occupied the minds of philosophers and scientists since ancient times. Although there were many who believed that mass and energy are conserved, it