The Discovery of Potassium and Sodium, and the Problem of the Chemical Elements

  title={The Discovery of Potassium and Sodium, and the Problem of the Chemical Elements},
  author={Robert Siegfried},
  pages={247 - 258}
THE publication of Lavoisier's Traite Elementaire de Chimie in 1789 marks a convenient date for the beginning of the modern era of chemistry.1 Lavoisier began this work as an elaboration of an earlier expressed need for a new chemical nomenclature, but in the writing discovered " the impossibility of isolating the Nomenclature from the science and the science from the Nomenclature." 2 Meanwhile the systematic Methode de Nomenclature Chimique 3 had appeared in 1787, and its principles were… 
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In recent publications, Harré and Llored (in: Javenovic (ed) Challenges of cultural psychology, Routledge, London, pp 189–206, 2018a; Philosophy, 93:167–186, 2018b; The analysis of practices,
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A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969
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Optimal potassium levels in patients with heart failure.
  • R. Pudil
  • Medicine, Biology
    Vnitrni lekarstvi
  • 2021
The results of several studies have been published that have focused on potassium levels and mortality and have shown that the optimal potassium levels in patients with heart failure should be between 4-5 mmol/L.