The Discourse Flexibility of Zhao Yuanren [Yuen Ren Chao]'s Homophonic Text

  title={The Discourse Flexibility of Zhao Yuanren [Yuen Ren Chao]'s Homophonic Text},
  author={He Hengxing},
  journal={Journal of Chinese Linguistics},
  pages={149 - 176}
  • He Hengxing
  • Published 1 February 2018
  • Art
  • Journal of Chinese Linguistics
ABSTRACT:Chinese American linguist Zhao Yuanren [Yuen Ren Chao] 's homophonic Chinese text entitled "Shi shi shi shi shi " (or Story of stone grotto poet eating lions) (Zhao [Chao] 1960; 1980:149) is a peculiar text that is little explored. This paper, with a discussion of this text in terms of mode of discourse, reveals how flexible a homophonic text can be, and how mode of discourse can bend a discourse in its length, syntax, style, and structure. This study enriches the linguistic power and… 
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