The Dirtbag Manifesto

  title={The Dirtbag Manifesto},
  author={Sarah Rees Jones},
  pages={11 - 15}
  • S. Jones
  • Published 29 September 2018
  • Art
  • Dissent
Abstract:The Chapo Trap House podcast, part mockery and part serious analysis, has taken aim at Beltway punditry and technocratic liberalism. It's rude, but in rudeness there is occasional catharsis. For its fans, the podcast serves as an important corrective to liberal satire that reaches larger audiences. A new book co-written by the podcast's hosts redoubles the group's commitment to an explicit anticapitalist position, and it reignites a debate over the podcast's exact position within the… 
“The first combat meme brigade of the Slovak internet”: hybridization of civic engagement through digital media trolling
ABSTRACT This paper analyzes a locally bound and hybridized form of civic engagement through digital media. Based on an explorative case study of a Slovak Facebook page called Zomri, engaged mostly
Hyperpartisan news: Rethinking the media for populist politics
‘hyperpartisan’ describes these sites better than the framework of alternative media as it mirrors populism’s ideological pillar of ‘us’ versus ‘them’.