The Directional Difficulty Index - A New Approach to Performance Benchmarking

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Development of well complexity calculator and its integration into standard well engineering management system/well delivery system
Oil and gas well drilling is the most important and complex task for oil and gas exploration. It is not necessary that design and execution complexity remain the same for two different wells even in
A DEA approach to measure teammate-adjusted efficiencies incorporating learning expectations: An application to oil & gas wells drilling
A model to measure the efficiency of employees such that they are fairly evaluated regarding relative performances of their teammates is presented, and the learning expectations and the effect of learning lost due to operation breaks are incorporated into the DEA model.
Russian National Oil Company Successfully Implemented Selective Flotation of 9 5/8-in Production Liner in Ultra-Extended Reach Drilling Well in Sakhalin
This paper provides insights of planning, execution and the results of the application of selective flotation or "mud over air" technique while running 9 5/8-in production liner into an
A quantitative framework for evaluating unconventional well development
Application of 3D and Near-Wellbore Geomechanical Models for Well Trajectories Optimization
For the prediction and elimination of complications in the drilling process is considered a number of examples of the three-dimensional geomechanical model and of the near-wellbore model in order to
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