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The Dilemma of Regulating Artificial Intelligence

  title={The Dilemma of Regulating Artificial Intelligence},
  author={Sharad Sharma},
  journal={TIJ's Research Journal of Economics \& Business Studies - RJEBS},
  • Sharad Sharma
  • Published 12 February 2017
  • Computer Science
  • TIJ's Research Journal of Economics & Business Studies - RJEBS
Abstract Today we live in a digital age. It is an evolutionary phase characterized by shift from industrialized economy to an economy based on information computerization.  The definition of digital keeps changing over time as new technologies emerge and through avenues of research and development make new methods of interaction with other humans and devices possible. This evolution of technology in our day to day life and social structure has made technological advancements a center pillar of… 


Minds, Brains, and Programs
  • J. Searle
  • Philosophy
    The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
  • 1990
Only a machine could think, and only very special kinds of machines, namely brains and machines with internal causal powers equivalent to those of brains, and no program by itself is sufficient for thinking.
Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?", by AmitaiEtzioni, Oren Etzioni
  • Issues in Science and Technology, Volume XXXIII Issue
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As We May Think . The Atlantic Monthly . July 1945 . ● [ Turing 50 ] - Turing , Alan . 1950 . Computing Machinery and Intelligence
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