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The Digital Universe in 2020: Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East

  title={The Digital Universe in 2020: Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East},
  author={J. Gantz and David Reinsel},
Data Economy Dimensions
Data is the ‘new oil’. Data has been widely regarded as the main innovation driver in information technology and several other segments of developed economies. Inherent value of data has aExpand
A Study on a Way to Utilize Big Data Analytics in the Defense Area
This study verifies the possibility of improving the performance of the military organization through use of big data and furthermore, create scientific development of operation, strategy, and support environment. Expand
Wally: A Scalable Distributed Automated Video Surveillance System with Rich Search Functionalities
Wally is a scalable distributed automated video surveillance system that employs relational database, in-memory cache, key-value store, and indexing techniques to ensure the system scalability when it meets Big Data. Expand
Towards a big data reference architecture
The proposed reference architecture and a survey of the current state of art in ‘big data’ technologies guides designers in the creation of systems, which create new value from existing, but also previously under-used data. Expand
An Empirical Investigation of the Antecedents and Consequences of Privacy Uncertainty in the Context of Mobile Apps
This survey highlights the need to protect the privacy of users’ data when using mobile apps that extensively collect user information. Expand
Call Me BIG PAPA: An Extension of Mason’s Information Ethics Framework to Big Data
  • Jacob Young, Tyler J. Smith, Shawn H. Zheng
  • Sociology
  • 2020
In 1986, Richard Mason proposed the PAPA framework to address four ethical issues society would likely face in the information age: privacy, accuracy, property, and accessibility. In this paper, weExpand
Nesnelerin interneti için yeni bir mimari tasarımı
Nowadays, the internet is an integral part of our social life. With the advances in software and electronics, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of addressable devices, and thisExpand
Reengineering of a Big Data architecture for real-time ingestion and data analysis
The thesis work has the aim to analyze the role covered by Big Data solutions in modern architectures and to provide a solution to a reengineering problem of the Real Time Ingestion Layer. Expand
Bigdata analysis and comparison of bigdata analytic approches
The prevalent Hadoop framework, Hive, No SQL, New SQL, MapReduce and HBase for addressing the biggest challenge of Bigdata i.e Data Analytic has been analyzed and compared. Expand
Binary Paragraph Vectors
Binary Paragraph Vector models are presented: simple neural networks that learn short binary codes for fast information retrieval and it is shown that binary paragraph vectors outperform autoencoder-based binary codes, despite using fewer bits. Expand