The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays

  title={The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays},
  author={Milton Ehre and Mikhail M. Bakhtin and Michael Peter Marshall Holquist and Caryl Emerson},
  journal={Poetics Today},
Acknowledgments A Note on Translation Introduction Epic and Novel From the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse Forms of Time and of the Chronotope in the Novel Discourse in the Novel Glossary Index 
Severed texts : aspects of aestheticization in Roland Barthes’ post-structural writings
recomposition, functions as a transitional construction of the text, sliding toward the hypothesis of the intertext upon which Barthesian post-structuralism is
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Models of dialogue
Dialogue is the basis of philosophy in the Western tradition and has taken many different forms.1 From dialogue based on the dialogus, on dialectics and elenchus (Socrates and Plato), through relig...
Why We Tell Stories: The Narrative Construction of Reality
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The Newgate novels and drama of the 1830s
`' Note on the 'Texts VI
Narrative, sociology of
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On communicative worlds
  • N. Besnier
  • Philosophy
  • HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory
  • 2014
Special Section Colloquium Meditation on Michael Carrithers' "Anthropology as irony and philosophy."