The Dialectics of Political Islam in North Africa

  title={The Dialectics of Political Islam in North Africa},
  author={Clement M. Henry},
  journal={Middle East Policy},
  • C. Henry
  • Published 1 December 2007
  • Sociology
  • Middle East Policy

University social responsibility and academic social capital in Tunisia

Revolutionary movements emerged from the “Arab spring” have determined undergoing socio-political changes in the region with significant implications and impacts on democratic transition and future

Multiples Transgressions: Sexuality and Spirituality of Moroccan Diaspora in the Works of Tahar Ben Jelloun

Sexuality and spirituality constitute a superstructure on which Ben Jelloun’s plots are mostly founded. Reading his writing as gay and missiological discourse permits us to understand that Ben

Armed and Trained: Nelson Mandela's 1962 Military Mission as Commander in Chief of Umkhonto we Sizwe and Provenance for his Buried Makarov Pistol

Abstract Firearms are inextricably linked to the history of South Africa's liberation struggle and experiences of decolonisation, liberation, and independence for many African countries. Firearms are

El islam político tunecino: Conflicto y cooperación electoral en los comicios presidenciales de 2004 y 2009

Una de las claves del devenir de la transicion politica actual de Tunez reside en la disposicion de los islamistas a cooperar con el resto de fuerzas politicas para la promocion del cambio politico,

Sobre la "exportación" de gobernanza democrática al Magreb: dilemas conceptuales, interpretativos y prácticos

The present study discusses the accuracy of the conceptual, theoretical and procedural dimensions of the patterns of exportation of democratic governance to the Maghreb region. In this way, it

The Future of World Order and the “Principle of Hegemonic State Accountability” (PHSA)

The universal call of the twenty-first century is a call from every corner of the globe to restore the rule of law and adherence to human rights norms that will benefit of the entire international

The Numerical Distribution of Muslims in Africa

This quantitative research study shows the numbers and percentages of Muslims in Africa, relative to Christians and Africans who continue to practice their traditional religions, within the

Imported Religious Sartorial Markers and the Beard: Perceptions and Politics in Morocco

This independent study project aims to explore the perceptions and politics associated with Moroccans who choose to wear religious dress, hijab or a beard. The topic of this research was based on the



Algeria's other Islamists: Abdallah Djaballah and the Ennahda movement

The Ennahda Party of Algeria led by Sheikh Abdallah Djaballah is an example of an Islamist political party that has been permitted to participate in official political processes. From clandestine

Bouazza Ben Bouazza , " Algeria : Al - Qaeda Not a Threat , " News 24 . com , Jan . 31 , 2007 . " Murder in the Maghrib

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