The Dialectics of Desire

  title={The Dialectics of Desire},
  author={J. Macy},
  • J. Macy
  • Published 1975
  • Sociology
  • Numen
Ars Erotica
The term ars erotica refers to the styles and techniques of lovemaking with the honorific title of art. But in what sense are these practices artistic and how do they contribute to the aesthetics andExpand
Impact of Puruṣārthas in modern life: An observation
The purpose or goal of life is called ‘Puruṣārtha’ by the Hindu scriptures. The word ‘Puruṣārtha’ consists of two words, namely ‘puruṣa’, means self and ‘Artha’, means aim or goal. The “Puruṣārthas”,Expand
Development and validation of Vikaras Hindi Scale
ABSTRACT The present research imports the concept of Vikaras (vices) from the philosophy of Vedanta. Vedic Philosophy plays a central role in Indian Psychology. However, there is a major disconnectExpand
Modes of Address in Pictorial Art: An Eye Movement Study of Manet's Bar at the Folies-Bergère
ABSTRACT Art-historical accounts of the last 200 years identify developments in the types, or “modes,” of address that a picture can present to a viewer as critical to the experience and evaluationExpand
Modes of Address in Pictorial Art: An Eye Movement Study of Manet's BarattheFolies-Bergère BethHarland,JohnGillett, CarlM.Mann,JasonKass, HaywardJ.Godwin,SimonP. LiversedgeandNickDonnelly
In the 1860s, the French painter Edouard Manet repeatedly excited controversy with works that challenged the existing orthodoxies of painterly treatment and composition. He brought about radicalExpand
The Courtesan and the Birth of Ars Erotica in the Kāmasūtra: A History of Erotics in the Wake of Foucault
T h i s a r T i c l e i n v e s T i g a T e s T h e role played by the courtesan in determining the nature and origin of the Kāmasūtra (Treatise on pleasure), the Sanskrit text from ancient India, inExpand
Absence, Ambiguity, and The Representation of Creativity in Vermeer’s the Art of Painting
  • F. Baudry
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • The Psychoanalytic quarterly
  • 2007
The author refers to some of Winnicott's and Lacan's concepts, particularly the connection between absence and desire as a spur to creativity, in The Art of Painting to demonstrate how a great artist portrays the realm of imagination and creativity. Expand
A Communitarian Perspective on Sex and Sexuality
Both religious and liberal secular thinking offer comprehensive approaches to considering the place of the sexual drive in our personal lives and communities. What has communitarian thinking toExpand
The Intimate Edge: Extending the Reach of Psychoanalytic Interaction
Using vivid case examples, she looks at the "intimate edge", intense encounters and playfulness in a way that is based in traditional psychoanalytic thought and yet open to the possibilities of theExpand