The Diagonal and the Demon

  title={The Diagonal and the Demon},
  author={Juan Comesa{\~n}a},
  journal={Philosophical Studies},
Reliabilism about epistemic justification – thethesis that what makes a belief epistemicallyjustified is that it was produced by a reliableprocess of belief-formation – must face twoproblems. First, what has been called ``the newevil demon problem'', which arises from the ideathat the beliefs of victims of an evil demonare as justified as our own beliefs, althoughthey are not – the objector claims – reliablyproduced. And second, the problem of diagnosingwhy skepticism is so appealing despite… 

Should Reliabilists Be Worried About Demon Worlds

The New Evil Demon Problem is supposed to show that straightforward versions of reliabilism are false: reliability is not necessary for justification after all. I argue that it does no such thing.

Reliabilism and Brains in Vats

According to epistemic internalism, the only facts that determine the justificational status of a belief are facts about the subject’s own mental states, like beliefs and experiences. Externalists

On what inferentially justifies what: the vices of reliabilism and proper functionalism

The primary purpose of this paper is to argue that reliabilist and proper functionalist accounts of this relation fail, and it is shown that the most promising ways to address these counterexamples aren’t very promising.

Epistemic Value and the New Evil Demon

In this article I argue that the value of epistemic justification cannot be adequately explained as being instrumental to truth. I intend to show that false belief, which is no means to truth, can

Whither Evidentialist Reliabilism

Evidentialism and Reliabilism are two of the main contemporary theories of epistemic justification. Some authors have thought that the theories are not incompatible with each other, and that a hybrid

Doxastic planning and epistemic internalism

It is argued that the debate between epistemological internalists and externalists from an unfamiliar meta-epistemological perspective can explain why the basic toolbox for epistemic evaluation includes an internalist conception of rationality.

The demon that makes us go mental: mentalism defended

  • Jonathan Egeland
  • Philosophy
    Philosophical Studies
  • 2018
Facts about justification are not brute facts. They are epistemic facts that depend upon more fundamental non-epistemic facts. Internalists about justification often argue for mentalism, which claims

A New Paradigm for Epistemology: From Reliabilism to Abilism

Contemporary philosophers nearly unanimously endorse knowledge reliabilism, the view that knowledge must be reliably produced. Leading reliabilists have suggested that reliabilism draws support from

Epistemic internalism

The internalism/externalism debate is of interest in epistemology since it addresses one of the most fundamental questions in the discipline: what is the basic nature of knowledge and epistemic

Evidentialist Reliabilism

In this paper I present and defend a theory of epistemic justification that combines two competing approaches in contemporary epistemology: reliabilism and evidentialism. Evidentialist reliabilism,



Epistemic folkways and scientific epistemology

What is the mission of epistemology, and what is its proper methodology? Such meta-epistemological questions have been prominent in recent years, especially with the emergence ofvarious brands of

Defeating Dr. Evil with Self-Locating Belief

Dr. Evil learns that a duplicate of Dr. Evil has been created. Upon learning this, how seriously should he take the hypothesis that he himself is that duplicate? I answer: very seriously. I defend a

Context And Content

Context figures in the interpretation of utterances in many different ways. In the tradition of possible-worlds semantics, the seminal account of context-sensitive expressions such as indexicals and

The Generality Problem for Reliabilism

Etude des differentes solutions apportees au probleme de la generalite qui se pose au theories de la justification des croyances vraies fondees sur la fiabilite des processus. Examinant les types de

Proper Functionalism and Virtue Epistemology@@@Warrant: The Current Debate.@@@Warrant and Proper Function.

Reflexions sur quelques aspects des deux volumes du traite d'Alvin Platinga sur la justification (La justification: vues actuelles et Justification et fonction propre).

The Conscious Mind